How To Create Facebook Phishing Page And Easily Hack FB Password

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In my last post hack yahoo using fake login page i showed you to create fake login page of yahoo..

facebook phishing page creator

But i was asked by many others that what about other sites, HOw would i create fake login page for other sites such as orkut,myspace,gmail and etc

 facebook phishing site list

1. 000Webhost
2. Freehostia
3. 5GBfree
5. Zymic
6. Byethost
7. Awardspace
8. FreeHostingEU
9. Free Web Hosting No Ads

How to create facebook phishing page

facebook phishing page download

1 open the Free Domain Website.

2  New Account Created Register Now, Click Here 

3 Login Now, nex File Manger,

4 Public HTML File Selected 

5 Default php Nemes Folder Deleted

6 And Download Facebook Phisher Page 

7 Download File Upload By Default php 

8 online your Fake Page, Same Hare Real Facebook Account

9 Send Your Fake Page Link our Fiends (facebook)

10 Login Target Facebook User Your Link Send User Name And Password  Log,txt File Save 

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  1. I think we can't hack facebook. If anyone tried this please share your feedback. Thank you.

  2. Is it really works ? Did you tried it personally yourself ?

  3. username and password not save log.txt file plz help me


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