How to Delete Fb Account Permanently From Mobile

Hey Guys, Before Some Years, It's Remember Me Now. My Friend Had Created New Facebook Profile. He Had Totally Two id, And We Want To His Delete Fb Account Permanently  And He Wants To Do It By His Java Mobile. That Time He Had Searched, But He Didn't Find Any Solution For FB Delete His id On the Internet. But Now You Type This Message In In Any Search Engine "How To Delete My FB Account" You Will See Millions of Posts Or YouTube Videos. That Time My Friend Had Leave Tried For Close It And His FB Account Was Continuous.

How to Delete my Facebook Account Permanently 2017

One Day He Meets Me. When He Meet Me, I Was Changing My Profile Picture In Facebook By My iPhone. That Time He Told Me That He Want To Delete His FB Profile. Then We Had Recovered In facebook Password Because He Had Forgotten All Data Of His Old FB profile. And You Know That Without Password, Email ID OR Mobile Number We Can't Delete Our Account. After Many Work, We Find Option Of Delete FB Account And We Had Cleared All Data.

It has happened With My Best Friend And Now It Will Never Happen With You. Because By This Article You Can Follow Simple Steps or Do It Easily By This Article.

I have checked this method or it's working 100% successfully use can use this method is desktop and mobile also and deletion facebook account permanently

Follow this step and Delete FB Account

1 Deactivate-your-facebook-id a temporarily   

I want to inform by this article that you can be deactivating your account temporary & you have to your Facebook Account password, if forget your password you can't processing next and without logging, you can't deleting your id.

 1: "Login the FB profile"

 2: Your Account "Top right of  pages" Click the "Down arrow"

 3: Select Option ''Setting ''

if you won't you save your Data, you can Be Downloading Your data by Press on the "Download a copy of your FB data" Follow Next Steps.

 4: Now Press In The Edit At The "Manage Account"

 5: Now Click in The "Deactivate Your Account"

 6: Next  ''Conform'' Password 

 7: Select Any One "Reason For Leaving"

 8: Click On The ''Deactivate''  

 9:Last option from Conform ''Deactivate'' 

Computer/Mobile Screen Massages Now  ''Your FB Account has been deactivated''

Your FB Profile is successfully deactivated, If you want to again recovered your Profile, you enter Email /Mobile Number or password, And reactive id.

2. Permanently delete your Facebook Account from lifetime 

Lifetime delete the FB Account from the social network site: - in the second Method, I well give you information about completely cancel your account means how to fully deleting communication profile. in this process your total data well be delete.

→Follow This Method Step-By-Step and erase your FB Account  easy or fast

note: - before doing this process please search and backup your data manually for officially use

1. FB Account Login "Users Name or Password Enter"

3. ''Conform Delete''My Facebook Account" 

4. Enter FB Password/Captcha Image "Okay"

NOTE: if your id was blocked OR disable for security, you can't delete facebook account it without verify, for more information please visit Facebook "HELP CENTER."

After Do This Work If You Want To Reactive Your id, There Is Last Option Available There, Because Facebook Team Is Not Interesting For Left His Family Member. For That, You Have 14 Days For Recover Your Facebook Account. But It's Available Only For Fourteen Days.  

if you want to reactivation your Facebook account, click on the cancel confirm and you may re-again access, or you can return use FB Account.

Last Word: By this simple method, you can delete your Facebook Account permanent from mobile, if you have any query OR questions about this, please type your problems in the comment I will solve it if it will possible from me.

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