UGVCL Online Bill Payment : The Easy Way to Pay Your Electric bill

UGVCL Online Bill Payment : The Easy Way to Pay Your Electric bill

Our country is developing a new technology, which is new day by day. One of these is UGVCL online payment of Uttar Gujarat Vij company limited.We will information you in this post that how to pay the online electricity bill, Now you do not need to go to the office to pay a light bill, You can online at home.

UGVCL online bill payment, you need to have a bank account, and you must have an ATM or NET Banking facility as well.

There are many options for bill pay, such as paytm, but in this method, you can pay the UGVCL bill from a direct bank account.

How to Pay UGVCL bill online

At the time of making the electricity online bill payment, you are placing a error on the photo below.And you will soon understand that this is your customer number

1: Open the UGVCL official website :

You will see lots of things on the home page, such as payment status, about the company, You can ask by calling in customer care( Support chat) for more information, You can read by taking 2 minutes.

2: Select the ''Quick Online Pay''

After selecting the option you can come to the second page, my suggestion is to read Step 9 of 9 Steps in Quick UGVCL Online Payment so that you can learn more

3: UGVCL bill payment detail

A: Enter now ''Customer no''

B: Enter now "Email Address"

C: Click the "Submit"

The electricity bill you have with will have Customer number which you have to put in Customer no.

If you keep a customer number of the bill you want to fill, you will see its name and the remaining amount will be seen.

Note: - Keep in mind that the name of the bills you want to pay is the same, and if you have an error in writing your number, the bill of others can be paid.your bill will also appear in the UGVCL online payment, verify that both names are the same, take a look at this option and pay the electricity bill of Gujarat geb from the comfort

(1): In the first, you have to write Garhak number

(2): In this, you will show the name of the automatic whose name is the electrical customer, Check that your connection name and custodian name are both the same

(3): In this option, you will show the date of the.

(4): The remaining amount will be shown for this step.

(5): Now write the amount of money you want to pay now.

(6): Enter your email id in this box, on which UGVCL Online Bill Payment receipt will be sent.

(7): After conform, click on submit and go ahead.

4: Now click on "Pay Now"

You can make a note that you get a registered ref, number, and then click on ok, and move to the second step.

5: Billing Information write and Make Payment

In this step, how you want to pay, you will be given a lot of options such as credit card, debit card internet banking, wallet/cash cards, master pass, imps.In this, I showed a way to the bill by ATM

Card Number/Enter atm card number 

Expiration date/ atm last date

CVV/Write the 3 digit number on the ATM

Card holder name/Write the full name on the debit card holder

6: Last Step on make payment

Now your mobile will have sent OTP messages which will be written in this step, and click now Make Payment.

Now all the steps for  your UGVCL online payment system are complete, You will receive an UGVCL Bill Payment on your mail or you can save it

If you are having problems with having such a processes, then ask me in the comment box.

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