How To Enable Two Numbers in One sim

How To Enable Two Numbers in One sim

one phone two numbers In today ‘s there is a trend of dual sim smarphone. Almost every people like to have dual sim phones. If in this situation if anyone does not have dual slot phone. It becomes difficult for him to run two sims. So we have brought this trickfor you which enable you to use two numbers in one sim. Be ready for this tricks.

How to Use two phone numbers on one phone

It is possible with “TEXTME APP”. Android users can download it free from google play store. By this app, you can call and message using other numbers without changing sim.

How To Use Textme App?

1. Firstly download this app and install it.

Download Link

2. When you open this app, you will see option to register another number.

3. The another number which you want to use register it.

4. After registration app will set that number to default.

5. Now if you call or message it will be done through that number.

By this app you can manage many numbers combinedly. If you call anyone, on the reciver’s call it will display your number with different country’s code.

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